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"Our daughter Lydia is learning to play the guitar with Isabella and we couldn't have found a better music teacher. Her clear, nurturing style of teaching has helped Lydia as a musician and she thoroughly enjoys the time she spends in her lessons each week. We have complete confidence in Isabella and can't thank her enough."


"Fantastic! Isabella is a wonderful, patient & caring teacher! My daughter has not only grown as a musician, but so has her confidence & self-believe. Isabella’s style is laid-back & nurturing, quietly confidence & very enthusiastic....

Thank-you very much."


"James has been in our care for nearly 6 years. When he 1st arrived he clearly had a speech impediment stemming from a psychological trauma he suffered from his past, according to his diagnosis from a Speech Therapist. They felt they couldn’t help him. James’s voice was almost non-existent and spoke mostly in a whisper. This didn’t deter him from loving music and singing but would become extremely frustrated and angry when trying to sing himself with not much sound coming out. We thought singing lessons may benefit him. We then found singing Tutor Isabella and arranged regular weekly lessons. Over 12 months later and at times faced with James’s challenging behaviours, Isabella has patiently taught James techniques which has greatly improved his voice and also his confidence within himself. He has even joined a choir!"


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